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Desert Safari School Tour - Abu Dhabi

Experience the rich Bedouin culture with Abu Dhabi Desert Tour

What better way to teach culture than dive right into it and one of the best ways to do it is by taking an exhilarating desert safari in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi that is especially curated for students of all age groups.

Excite the curious minds of your students while travelling back in time to experience and explore Bedouin life as you embark with us on an incredibly rollicking desert safari. Drive across the golden desert sands and alongside the ships of the desert- the camels, the tribal people and the other marvelous creatures who call the desert their home.

Let your students be enthralled by the experience of visiting sites of historical importance, enjoying samples of traditional delights and adorning their palms with henna whilst engaging in enlightening conversations that speak about the lifestyle of the desert tribes, providing a prospective platform for building survival skills and cultivating in their young hearts the love for culture.

Our conscientiously curated school safari package is designed in line with the security and safety standards of the Abu Dhabi Tourism authorities whilst keeping in mind the best interests of the young travelers who climb aboard with us. We are keen on providing an unforgettably enlightening experience and thus carry out our interactive expeditions in an exclusive desert area that is rich in all its marvels.

We believe that there is so much of the UAE heritage that is yet to be unleashed and a desert safari is an ideal place to start. With so much to learn and explore, your students will have a lot to benefit from academically and spiritually.

Come experience and explore with us!

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