Hatta & Wadi Full day Tour

This tour departs Abu Dhabi and heads towards the Hajar Mountains via the rolling desert dunes of Dubai.Another real off-road experience awaits as we make our way towards Hatta via the winding trails of wadis. En route we stop for a picnic lunch in a lovely natural setting where you get a true sense of the isolation and beautiful surrounds.Hatta is a very tranquil and peaceful village and the pace of life is very relaxed and the time seems to has stopped running. We visit the old Hatta Heritage Village, an ancient village where you can see the site of the oldest fort in the Dubai emirate. Enjoy swim in natural pools and waterfalls of this landscape.As we make our return journey back to Abu Dhabi and civilization you will appreciate the isolation & beauty of Hatta and its surrounds.A continue pleasure trip from 8.00am to 6.00pm.(En route we stop for a picnic lunch at the Oasis ).