Discover the desert safari in Abu Dhabi

Discover the desert safari in Abu Dhabi

  • Feb 20, 2019
  • Travel

If you are similar to the hundreds of people out there who immediately imagine the desert when they hear the names Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it’s no surprise. This oil-rich country has strong ties with the golden land. One might wonder what’s so special about the desert. This question will be answered in the positive once you step foot on the desert with one of our desert safari tours.

It’s not about the place it is more about how you get to know it! Definitely, these desert safaris will reveal the charismatic side; the one that has charmed travellers and seduced city-dwellers.

Discover the desert safari in Abu Dhabi

Take your pick

The desert needs to be seen through the eyes of an experienced person with their footsteps to guide you in the right direction. Keeping your preferences in mind take your pick from our diverse selection of desert safaris. Read on for a snippet of each tour and get one step closer to enjoying the desert.

  1. Morning / evening desert safari

    See the desert in its sleepy splendour as you enjoy its beauty along with some vitamin D and adventure. The evening desert safari will give you the added bonus of viewing the wonderful phenomenon of a desert sunset.

  2. Romantic Dune Dinner desert safari

    If you want to enjoy the private splendour of the desert then book this tour for your next romantic date or family gathering.

  3. Overnight Desert Safari

    The desert at night is a stark opposite of what it is during the day. Enjoy the breezy wind and the cool climate under a blanket of clearly shining stars.

  4. Sunrise desert safari

    Begin the day with a bright note by observing a breathtaking desert sunrise before taking part in other activities.

Make yourself comfortable

Comfort and mental ease play a huge role in making a tour or activity pleasant and memorable. read on and follow these tips to make your excitingly chosen Desert Safari a hassle free joy ride.

  1. Eat light: Since most desert safaris call for some bumpy adventure time (dune bashing), it is best to stick to a light meal than stuffing yourself up. This way you will spend more time revelling in the adventure than feeling self-conscious about being nauseous.
  2. Comfortable all the way: stick to lightweight clothing made out of linen or cotton. it’s preferable to stick to light colours (to keep the heat at Bay) and loose fitting if you easily burn under the sun. opt for long sleeve top and trousers and bring along sunscreen. flip flops or sandals are preferred as sand in your shoes can get pretty annoying. apart from that, carry warm wear like sweaters, cardigans, etc to beat the chill that seeps in during evening and night.additionally your best friends for the tour will be a pair of Shades, sunscreen lotion and a wide- brimmed hat. Now that you are well prepared for an exciting day ahead, you will be able to understand the reason why the desert has mesmerized all its visitors, even you!
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